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How does U-Mask Model 3 differ from U-Mask Model 2.2?

Find out the differences between Model 3 and Model 2.2

U-Mask Model 2.2 and U-Mask Model 3 are two different products. They have followed different regulatory paths and undergone different tests that have led to Model 3 being certified as PPE (FFP2) and Model 2.2 as Class I Medical Device in Europe.

Model 3 is designed to protect against even smaller particles and is therefore suitable for use in professional environments or where an FFP2 is specifically required. Model 2.2 remains perfect for everyday use, providing consistently high performance (as proven in tests), great comfort, and a wider color range.

In addition, U-Mask Model 3 filter has a thicker layer that provides specific protection against particles between 0.02 μm and 2 μm in size.

The new design allows for a better fit to the face while maintaining the same comfortable feel.

The packaging is eco-friendly.

The filter can be hand-washed up to 20 times at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees, while the cover can be washed as many times as desired at the same temperature.