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I paid for one-day delivery but my order arrived later - why?

One day means one working day but there may be other reasons.

We work with DHL for all of our logistics and shipping.


In some countries, such as the UK, DHL has a cut-off time for orders to be received in order for your shipment to arrive the next day.


It is important to note that our one-day shipping means the next working day; in some countries, such as the UK, DHL does not work on Saturday or Sunday.


As an example, if you ordered a U-Mask to London on Friday afternoon, your order would most likely be dealt with on Monday and arrive on Tuesday.


One day is an estimate - in some rare instances, your package may arrive later than one working day due to circumstances outside of our control. We do hope however that the maximum time for a one-day package will be two days, even during the COVID pandemic.


For any questions or concerns, our customer support team is here to help.