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How do I wash and take care of my U-Mask Model 2.2?

It's very simple to wash your U-Mask Model 2.2


The lycra cover can be washed safely with water and soap or in the washing machine at 30° C. Make sure to let it fully dry before reusing it. Do not tumble dry.



The refill can be cleaned with a hydrogen peroxide solution (concentration 0.5%).

Do not use soap, soak under water or put in the washing machine. Make sure it is fully dry before assembling back your U-Mask Model 2.2. Do not tumble dry.


How to take care:

You don’t have to wash your U-Mask Model 2.2 cover and/or refill every time you wear it but rather when it gets a little dirty or you feel like it needs to be cleaned. 

To prevent other people from touching it or wearing it, you can place your U-Mask Model 2.2 back in the original sachet.