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Brexit Update - Delivery Duty Paid

Please read this useful information for EU shipments - DDP

Since we stock our products in the UK, Brexit has changed the trade relationship with the EU and some new regulations apply.

DHL Express is now available again for all EU customers with DDP.

DHL Express to the EU:

DHL Express shipping to the EU is not affected by delivery duty.

We have now added "Delivery Duty Paid" (DDP) options to all of our express shipping methods. That means that you will not be required to pay the extra duty, tax or tax upon the arrival of your order.

Global Mail postal services (priority post):

Priority mail shipping options (non-express) to the EU are not affected by any duty or tariff, but VAT will be still collected for orders above €20. Please note that the price you will pay from our international store is VAT-exempt for EU countries (excluding the UK). Please select this option if you are happy to wait a couple of extra days for your order to arrive.

If you have any questions or issues with your order, please reach out to our customer service.

Thank you for your understanding,

The U-Team